So I am finishing up my first week of full-time clinical + class.  Aside from having a debilitating cold/flu/plague, whatever you want to call it, I think I am going to like this clinical site.

Here’s a run-down of what my schedule is like now:


10-12pm: Current Topics in Anesthesia –  We’re picking different NBCRNA Topics and creating mini board reviews.  I will be attending the AANA Annual Congress, so for my presentation, I’ll be presenting information from that.

1-4pm: Principles of Anesthesia – This semester we learn about Neuro, Pulmonary, Respiratory and Regional Anesthesia.

6-8pm: After class, I pack for clinical, then head 2 hours to my temporary home!

8:30-9pm: Wind down and head to bed

Tuesday – Thursday (12 hour clinical shifts) or Tuesday – Friday (8 hour clinical shifts)

I get up around 4:30am on clinical days and get to the OR by 6-6:15.  Case starts are normally 7:30, 8, 8:30 or even 9:00.  I choose what room I’ll be in before hand, so I’ll know whether I can get a bit more sleep.  However, regardless of case time, the latest I can arrive is 6:45am.

Once I’m there, I change into my scrubs, set-up the OR which includes a machine check, making sure I have all the supplies I need and ready to go.  I also draw up my drugs, and you can see how I do that here.  (There’s a label maker at this site, I’m pumped!) Once my OR is setup, if I haven’t looked up the patient yet, I’ll look up the patient, become familiar with their health problems and any medications that may affect the administration of the anesthetics that I’ll be giving.  I’ll come up with an anesthesia plan (pre-induction, induction, inhaled anesthetic agents, fluid plan & considerations based on their health history).  After that, I’ll go have a quick chat with my patient and do a full pre-anesthetic interview.

I haven’t done a full 12 hour shift, but in the evenings if I don’t have cases, it’ll count as study time for me to review the next patient and study for Principles of Anesthesia.