I’ve got a year and a half before I finish schooling…and the first thing on my mind is the NBCRNA Boards.  I recently purchased Apex, and so far I absolutely love it.  First of all the content of the modules is in a format that’s easy to read and understand.  It is mostly in short paragraph/bullet point format with nice diagrams and pictures.  In addition, it includes workbooks that are associated with each module.

I’m not in board review mode yet, but I’ve been using Apex to supplement the material of my Principles of Anesthesia class.  I’ll go through it once over the next few semesters, then a second time for a serious board review.  It has been extremely helpful for me in terms of understanding some of the difficult topics in class. Things like the mnemonics for the brachial plexus and how to draw it (simply), are things students will generally struggle with, but with Apex I’ve been able to understand it fully and quickly.

So, here’s my beloved Apex Binder.  I used my HP Color Laserjet M77dw to print the modules in color over two days on the weekend. I love the color laser printer because it doesn’t bleed and I can highlight to my hearts content. Also, the font and colors are clear and vibrant.  I picked up a 3-inch binder and these Avery Tabs

There are 12 modules in Apex, but I had 15 tabs… I hated to leave some off, so I broke up the last few modules into different categories — Miscellaneous, Obesity and Positioning/Nerve Injury.

It took me awhile to type out each header for the tabs, so I’m sharing the .pdf to make it easier for anyone that wants to organize their binder like mine. Hope you enjoy!  I will do a full review of Apex once I get through all 12 modules and do one of their Mock Exams!

Download the .pdf tabs HERE. Also, make sure “Fit to page” is NOT checked when printing!