How Equipment Works

This website contains various topics in the most simplified way!  I used this website a lot for my principles of anesthesia courses to understand he anesthesia machine, electricity and vaporizers.  Check it out!

University of Florida Dept. of Anesthesiology – Virtual Anesthesia Machine

There are 25 free public simulations and 12 academic simulations of the anesthesia machine, operating room safety and others.

The University of Detroit Mercy Clinical Mathematics Review

This is one of the main resources I used to prepare myself for anesthesia school.  It takes you through the basics and more complicated formulas you will need to know.  I printed this PDF out and still use it today!


Social Media

Facebook Groups/ Pages

  • Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program
    • Program that provides workshops, sponsorships, information sessions and SRNA bootcamps for underserved and diverse populations interested in the field of Nurse Anesthesia
  • Diversity CRNA Mentees
    • 656 members
    • Communication source for nurses interested in Nurse Anesthesia
  • SRNAs unite
    • 418 members
    • Need proof that you are a SRNA student
    • Ability to post “anonymous” questions
    • Files and documents available for your use
  • CRNAs and SRNAs
    • Community of 22k members
    • ID is required to enter group, need AANA or NBCRNA card
    • Ability to post “anonymous” questions to the group
  • CRNAs and CRNAs uncensored
    • I newly joined this group of about 2k people

Online Communities

  • Nurse-Anesthesia Forum
    • Various forums and downloads for members
    • Students need to show proof for ability to download files

Professional Organizations

AANA – American Association for Nurse Anesthetists


  • The National Certification Exam handbook outlines what you need to know for your exam


Review Courses

I am currently using Apex, Prodigy and Valley

  • Apex Anesthesia
  • Prodigy Anesthesia
  • Valley Anesthesia
  • Core Concepts



  • Vargo
  • Anesthesia Comprehensive Review
  • The Secret Series
  • Block Buddy



  • Sleep Book
  • Anesthesia Secrets
  • Gas Guide
  • Watchful Care: A history of Americans Nurse Anesthetists
  • Pocket Anesthesia
  • Simply Anesthesia
  • Nagelhout